Are Most Outlaws Redheads?

The temperament of redheads is that of

Jesse James.

Is the redhead notorious for being outlaws? This article might be ancient but it is still interesting.

In 1947, Dr. Hans von Hentig presented a most interesting article entitled “Redhead and Outlaw-A Study in Criminal Anthropology.” Dr. von Hentig briefly considered the fact that a number of more or less prominent “bad men” were red headed and arrived at three general conclusions:

1. “The number of red-headed men among the noted outlaws surpassed their rate in the normal population.”

2. A partial explanation is that their lives largely depended on the rapidity with which a Colt could be used and “it seems that redheadedness is often combined with accelerated motor innervation.”

3. The temperament of redheads is that of Jesse James. ” ‘He is revengeful in nature,’ we are told, ‘always sanguine, impetuous, almost heedless.’ ”

Because the author of this article, Philip Rasch disproves this argument, this is just more historical evidence of prejudice against redheads.

Note: It has been argued that Jesse James was a redhead.

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