Redhead Sperm in High Demand

lil Jesse
Hey that’s me!

In 2011, the sperm donor banks were turning away red-haired guys. Now, the table has turned and red-haired babies are in high demand. Although there is no guarantee in having a redhead. Neither of my parents had red hair: note picture of my dad and me.

I met a lady who had a red-haired child created at the sperm bank. She asked me if I was the father.

What I notice after reading several articles on the subject is that these authors cannot help themselves by poking fun of redheads by using every redhead cliche in the book. Sure let’s celebrate all those new little red cheetos.

Some experts blame it on global warming but I can’t make the connection. Good luck with all those sensitive fiery little tasmanian devils. Hey I thought I was the perfect child growing up, why they couldn’t see it is beyond me. Gingerism there ya have it!

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