Red Dulse for Redheads

dulseFor more than a thousand years, it has been feeding Northern Ireland. The reddish purple seaweed known as dulse is a secret staple of the Irish diet, and has even been called the epitome of Irish food! Mineral and protein rich, and a traditional peasant food, dulse kept the Irish alive during the potato famine. In the 7th and 8th c, Irish law stated that any traveler should be offered a serving of dulse.

Growing like long reddish hair clinging to the sea rocks, dulse is pulled up by hand during low tide, stored in caves, and sun-dried on the cliffs. Considered by many to be the most nutritional food in the world, “the holy grail of seafood”, it is loaded with iron, magnesium and potassium, and greatly helps weight loss. Sweet when fresh, salty and smoky when toasted, dulse can be added to almost any dish, and even incorporated into homemade butter. Seaweed teas and baths were used to cure everything from colds to skin rashes.

Keep your red hair healthy and vibrant – and your sensitive skin smooth and clear – by eating dulse, a traditional superfood for redheads!

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