Red-haired Vikings

Jesse in the park

The Vikings were known for their red hair and probably are responsible for spreading the red hair gene all over Europe. The Viking God Thor was known to possess those red curly locks, yes Marvel is wrong, he is not blonde. There is an argument to where red hair came from, such as from the Vikings, Celts, Irish or Scottish. Being that the red hair gene is recessive, who will ever know. I mean they call the redhead stepchild for a reason- because no one knows where they came from. I, myself come from parents who are German and mostly Norwegian. Neither had red hair. Maybe I was mailman’s kid or switched at birth. So I could be from Celtic or Viking.

Researchers claim all redheads come from one redhead. The problem that I have until someone explains it me is this: I thought you need two people that possessed the redhead gene to create a redhead. So, how did we come from one redhead? Frankly, I think I have a Neanderthal in me.

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