Redhead Lothrop Twins: A Case of Media Gingerism

lothrop ginger twins

Back in 2014, these two young misguided twins were arrested for advertising sex. I am not here to judge them as many have committed the same crime. However, what is troubling is the amount of (negative) coverage their story was given worldwide. I mean that is the point, women every day are arrested for such crimes but they do not get even a sliver of the publicity these girls received. The reason is because it is the same old racism against redheads – gingerism. Our fiery and sexy nature loves to be picked upon by those non-redheads. They represent that exactly. I even read a website dedicated to stories of the top 15 weird twins- they made the top 10. If all of these news and magazines just gave them a percentage of the money they made for advertising in their coverage, the girls could have retired or at least paid for bail.

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