Redheads are Aliens, Send Us Back to Mars

fifth element
Who else but a redhead as the alien in the Fifth Element 1997


Astrologers claim there is a connection between the red planet Mars and the fiery nature of people with red hair. Redheads are notorious for their well-known hot-tempered, high strung and sensitive natures. In astrology, if the planet Mars is in your charts, it has the affect of placing fiery, competitive and almost explosive tendencies into your behavior. Research astrologers Judith Hill and Jacalyn Thompson made a discovery in their study of 500 redheads that makes a connection to Mars and redheads.



Elon Musk is planning on sending humans to Mars. Why not send redheads who would have a better time surviving on a planet farther away with our fair skin and unique ability to produce Vitamin D from the sun. Redheads are natural explorers by the fact that redhead mummies have been found all around the world.

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