Redheads Burn: How to Protect Yourself From the Sun

As a redhead, I burned a lot when I was young and not smart enough to cover up and use sunscreen, thinking I was invincible to the sun or imagining that I could get a tan. I remember as a kid going to Florida during Christmas break in the midst of winter from Minnesota. There was no way I was going to wear a t-shirt while swimming in the ocean, no matter how much my mom begged me because she said I was going to get a sunburn. My dad, who was a mechanic, had soft firm hands from being in oil at work, and stayed up all night putting lotion on my back as I suffered the worst burn I ever had. Good thing for me he worked nights. The next day on the Naples tour bus, the guide kept making me blow the conch to alert everyone we were leaving. I’m sure no-one heard me because I could barely get a whistle as my lips were burnt terribly.

I can always get a laugh from others when I say I’m working on my tan.

Now I’m smart enough to always wear sunscreen when I go out in the sunlight. However, after becoming aware that I was sensitive to many synthetic body care products, I was worried about using synthetic sunscreen and its possible negative effects. I wondered if it was possible to make my own sunscreen in order to know exactly the ingredients. The answer was yes. I was able to make a pure, natural SPF/UPF 30+ sunscreen balm that goes on smooth and is lightly scented with pure frankincense and myrrh essential oils. Non-nano zinc oxide provides UVA & UVB protection by creating a protective barrier of minerals on your skin. Coconut, shea, jojoba and raspberry seed oils moisturize and provide additional SPF. Beeswax adds waterproofing. To test my creation, I was outside in direct sun by a lake for 2 hours during the hottest part of the day, and didn’t get burned wearing just one application of sunscreen. It blocks 96.7% of radiation, all without chemicals.


It is also important to cover up and wear a broad brimmed hat. I like to wear linen because it is cool, breathable and protects your skin from the sun. Linen fibers are hollow, allowing the fabric to retain heat in winter and release it in summer, naturally keeping you warm or cool based on the season and your own body temperature. It is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and blocks 50% of UV radiation! Linen sheets will help at night when your skin is burning and you get the chills.

After years of getting sunburned, I learned how to heal afterwards. Pure Aloe Vera is my favorite by far, especially the non-medicated version. Aloe Vera is truly moisturizing and I love the cooling effect it gives. It has been proven to heal burns 3X faster than conventional treatments.

Just because you are a redhead doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sunshine.

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