Red Hair Festivals & Gatherings

Places where you should encounter red hair!


Red Love Festival in France on Aug 24, 2019


gingestfest in boise

Gingerfest V in Boise, Idaho on June 8th, 2018


Redhead Days in Chicago, Illinois on July 6-8, 2018


Celtic Festival Missoula, Montana on July 28, 2018


Wolin Festival of Slavs and Vikings. Wolin Poland Aug 3-5, 2018.


Based at an actual historical site, re-enactment of Viking invasion of the Slavs in 9th C. Be Surprised at all the redheads. Check the site out, it has great photos!



irish fair mn logo

Irish Festival, St. Paul, Mn Aug 10-12, 2018- Good times!


Northwest Viking Fest in Arlington Washington on Sept 15, 2018.

Northwest Viking Fest is a Historical Demonstration and Norse cultural festival open to the public.    Step back in time with historically accurate demonstrations, sword fighting, weaving, and other Viking skills. Try your hand at ax and spear throwing, archery, foam swords and more.


vista viking fest banner

Vista Viking Festival, Vista, Ca Sept. 22-23, 2018-  I highly recommend this event.


redhead days
Redhead Days in the Netherlands

2018 Redhead Days

  • Tens of thousands of redheads come together from all over the world for this event in the Netherlands.