Redheads Have Magical Powers

red-headed-witch-clipart-1Redheads are naturally inclined to have magical powers given their unique differences.

Curly red locks!  Hair is an extension of the nervous system. With those coils of red curly locks, redheads are attuned to the energies of the environment, giving them a sixth sense. Red hair contains more iron thus having better antenna capabilities to sense danger for example. There was a dynasty in 6th C France of redheads known as Merovingians with long red curly locks known for their shamanic abilities. In Norway, legend states you can tell a witch by her red hair. During the Inquisition, 45,000 red-haired women were burnt at the stake. Hair is a source of power too, remember Samson and Delilah!

Sensitive to the environment. Redheads can detect temperature change and pain better than other hair colors. Heightened senses such as smell can forecast the weather. Being able to sense pain relates to a natural empathy that I know many redheads possess. The more in tune a person is with nature, the more their extra sensory perception is improved. Redheads are naturally gifted with ESP because of their environmental sensitivities. Strangely, redheads can handle more electrical shock than others. Scientists discovered this by subjecting redheads to shock therapy. I can only imagine the strange perversion the inquisitors had when torturing redheads.


Ginger Prince Harry Marries Dark Exotic Beauty Meghan

Prince HarryRedheads like to stir the pot!

Just like a redhead to be attracted to the dark and exotic, Prince Harry is getting royally hitched to the dark-haired beauty Meghan Markle this weekend which coincides with Redhead Day in London. It’s the same day that Ann Boleyn lost her head to King Henry VIII- Harry’s real name is Henry. Prince Harry is being treated like a redheaded stepchild by the paparazzi with all negative publicity his wedding is receiving. His brother received the Royal treatment when he was married. Typical gingerism. Most of the media coverage has been about her mixed race, but let us not forget about him being a redhead and the differences that a redhead brings.




Horoscope Blues

According to Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology, Prince Harry should have consulted an astrologer before his marriage. His Chinese sign is a Wood Rat, born in 1984 and her’s is Metal Rooster, born in 1981- yes that’s right, she is 3 years older. One source said that the Rooster’s criticisms are too much for the Rat’s sensitivities. It gave the relation a possible C- on a grading scale. Not too good. His mom, Princess Diana, was born in the year of the Ox and is a Rat’s soulmate. Diana said she particularly looked after Harry. I thought maybe because he has red hair. On Western Astrology, he is a Virgo and she is a Leo. The relationship could survive once they understand their differences. One source stated a 5% chance of survival. Based on Prince Harry’s nervous behavior during the ceremony, I wish them good luck.

Redhead Lothrop Twins: A Case of Media Gingerism

lothrop ginger twins

Back in 2014, these two young misguided twins were arrested for advertising sex. I am not here to judge them as many have committed the same crime. However, what is troubling is the amount of (negative) coverage their story was given worldwide. I mean that is the point, women every day are arrested for such crimes but they do not get even a sliver of the publicity these girls received. The reason is because it is the same old racism against redheads – gingerism. Our fiery and sexy nature loves to be picked upon by those non-redheads. They represent that exactly. I even read a website dedicated to stories of the top 15 weird twins- they made the top 10. If all of these news and magazines just gave them a percentage of the money they made for advertising in their coverage, the girls could have retired or at least paid for bail.

A Deeper Shade of Red

A biological blessing having red hair?

Sure it probably helps thinking positive to overcome your problems. But let’s get this straight–people with red hair know darkness down to its very depths. Wearing black looks best with red hair- I wonder why? Living with red hair is not just something to endure, it makes you stronger and gives attitude. Many teen gingers have suicidal thoughts and not just because we get abused for being a carrottop but because we are just naturally sensitive and fiery. Yeah, it would be cool to just ride the goodship lollipop, but being a redhead is about learning to find that balance between the lows and highs. Redheads suffer for mankind and some find answers for the evils that bind us. We also stand up and speak those words that no one else will dare to say especially when it’s not popular or correct because we do not have to worry about fitting in – we already got the boot.  It’s like a blending of being a shaman and warrior. So I would argue that having red hair is more of a challenge than a blessing. It’s a quest!

Redhead Capitol of Missoula Montana

Missoula ValleyAfter seeing so many redheads here in Missoula, I knew I had moved to the right place. I am not sure what draws people with red hair to this beautiful valley in the mountains but here we are anyways. There have been a large Irish immigration to the area including the nearby city of Butte which boasts to have had the greatest number of immigrants from Ireland to the USA during the copper mine days. In addition, I quite often meet gingers that have moved here from my home state of Minnesota where based on my ancestry can be Irish,  German or Scandinavian-like Red-haired Vikings. My goal is to organize a redhead festival of Western Montana. Thanks for your help!


Red-haired Vikings

Jesse in the park

The Vikings were known for their red hair and probably are responsible for spreading the red hair gene all over Europe. The Viking God Thor was known to possess those red curly locks, yes Marvel is wrong, he is not blonde. There is an argument to where red hair came from, such as from the Vikings, Celts, Irish or Scottish. Being that the red hair gene is recessive, who will ever know. I mean they call the redhead stepchild for a reason- because no one knows where they came from. I, myself come from parents who are German and mostly Norwegian. Neither had red hair. Maybe I was mailman’s kid or switched at birth. So I could be from Celtic or Viking.

Researchers claim all redheads come from one redhead. The problem that I have until someone explains it me is this: I thought you need two people that possessed the redhead gene to create a redhead. So, how did we come from one redhead? Frankly, I think I have a Neanderthal in me.

Join the discussion in the Redhead Community here.

Redheads Do Rule: Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Had Red Hair

Ramses II had red hair.

Claims have been made against Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II having red hair, stating that his hair was dyed with henna. I would agree because most redheads are proud of their red hair and greatly desire it to remain so even when they age and it turns white. Well, recent scientific research suggests he really did have red hair. It was discovered that his hair roots contained red pigment signifying that he was indeed a redhead.

The family of Ramses worshipped Seth, the red-haired god of chaos, because of their belief to a divine lineage to him, proof in the face that many of them had red hair. The father of Ramses II, Seti I, had red hair.

A mummy of red-haired man has been uncovered in Egypt that is over 5000 years old named appropriately, Ginger.

I have told this information to many redheads and I always get the same mouth dropping and head shaking because redheads were up in the northern latitudes and Egyptians must look like middle easterns and have darker hair and skin.

The image to the left was found on the tomb of the granddaughter of King Khufu.

Note red hair.

Further reading on red hair in Egypt

Redheaded Stepchild Ale

redheaded stepchild irish red aleAfter discovering this online, how could I not post this cool lil red-haired imp!? I have never drunk Redheaded Step Child Irish Red Ale, but I am sure it has all the devious qualities you are looking for.

Irish red ale is first mentioned in an 8th or 9th century Irish poem, but other than that its history is hard to pin down – a lot like a red-head!

Created during a time when herbs such as heather, sweet gale, bog myrtle, and buck-bean were preferred over hops, red ale relies on malt, not hops, for its aroma and flavor.


The reddish hue comes from adding a small amount of roasted barley.

Irish Red Ale

The ’70’s Redhead Stereotype

neumanHow could we be proud of being a redhead back in ’70’s with the terrible caricature of red hair illustrated by Mad’s Alfred E Neuman? With his ruddy complexion, ears that stuck out, crooked teeth and stupid grin, he was the quintessential dork!







On the female side of things, who could forget Pippi Longstocking? With ridiculous braids and toothy grin, she had the habit of doing everything unconventionally.

How were redheads supposed to get any respect in such company?

We Wants the Redhead

“Ye come seekin’ adventure and salty old pirates, eh? Sure, you come to the proper place. But keep a weather eye open, mates, and hold on tight—with both hands, if you please. There be squalls ahead! And Davy Jones waiting for them what don’t obey. And mark well me words, mateys: Dead men tell no tales!”

Disney is saying farewell to the red-haired wench for sale on the Pirates of the Caribbean amusement ride. She will return when the ride re-opens dressed as a gun-toting pirate.

Disney Red Haired Wench

save the redheadHowever, some ‘pirate fans’ are imploring to “Save the Redhead.” You can support this cause with a purchase of a t-shirt as well.






We Wants the Redhead?

News Update: Disney has re-opened the ride at Disney World and the redhead is now the auctioneer. The phrase formerly spoken by the pirates, “We wants the redhead” has been changed to “We wants the rum.”