Did Mary Magdalene have red hair?

Regnier Penitent Mary Magdalene

Did Mary Magdalene have red hair? Will we really ever know? We can surmise the reasons why many artists throughout history have illustrated her with golden, curly long hair. Red hair often signifies passion, intelligence and perhaps rebelliousness.









Mary Magdalene was portrayed as a harlot in early history. Recently discovered gnostic gospels, such as The Gospel of Mary Magdalene depict her with leadership roles and independent. Labeled as the Disciple to the Disciples, her feast day is July 22nd. Today, some argue that she was the bride of Jesus.





Damsel of the Sanct Grael by Rosetti


The legend of the Rose Line is about the lineage of Jesus & Mary. Could the Rose Line possibly be about the lineage of red hair instead? Interestingly, red hair does have secrecy about it, skipping generations, thus having the ability to survive without notice. This knowledge could have resurfaced during the Renaissance as many of the painters had red hair. The Inquisition is known to have burnt over 45,000 red-haired women. Coincidence?






lefevre-mary magdalen in a grotto
Mary Magdalen in a Grotto by Lefevre


mary magdalene by solari
Mary Magdalene with her Sacred Jar by the fifteenth-century Italian painter Andrea Solari


Modern Interpretation of Leonardo Davinci’s Last Supper 

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