Marilyn Monroe: A Red-haired Orphan

marilyn monroe 2

Maybe it’s not well-known, but Marilyn Monroe was a redhead. Yes she dyed her hair blonde. Marilyn Monroe was originally known as Norma Jeane. When Norma was a child, her mother Gladys gave her to a family to be raised- practically an orphan.  Gladys had red hair as well and suffered from depression and other mental disorders. When she visited, Norma did not know her as her mother, but the ‘woman with red hair.’ Norma’s foster family was strictly religious, forbidding her to drink alcohol or use profanity and forced her to attend church often. They scolded her by saying she was going to hell.

Personally I can relate to the preaching as my grandfather was very similar and I have been prayed over throughout my life in order to save me from hell. Looking at her being an orphan, I wonder how many other redheads have been orphaned. Marilyn Monroe did not have a good start in her troubled career which ended in a mysterious death. However, she was still a Hollywood legend who made an indelible mark on American history.

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Sometimes I wonder when I see women who dye their hair red. It’s like who would really sign up for such abuse. Having natural red hair is not something to be bought because redheads have gone through a lot to earn their red hair. The feisty nature of a red comes through by years of teasing and bullying. Plus, the hot sexy nature of red-haired women will be missing from the box.  Why do you think Marilyn Monroe was so sexy? She was a redhead who dyed her hair blonde.

As a redhead guy, I could go on for hours about how I have been treated badly by society in general. Sure I might complain about how terrible things happened to me and I would not stop any other redhead from going on a rant so please do if you feel the need- I’m listening.

For myself, I would not trade in any of those assaults, jabs, insults, and abuse because it has made me who I am today. It takes a lot to survive in today’s world and I would be disadvantaged if I had not gone through all that. Plus I have come to realize that those non-redheads are just jealous anyways!

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