Redheads are Different

The internet is full of how redheads are different. They feel pain less or more depending on whether the pain comes from temperature or electric shock. It takes more anesthesia to put a redhead out and they react stronger to pain medication. Redheads react positively or negatively to some medications. All of this information can be confusing to say the least. To sum it up, and from the perspective of this redhead, is that we simply react differently to everything, medications, pain, environment and emotions. To everyone out there, I shout out loud — redheads are different from everyone else!

A Deeper Shade of Red

A biological blessing having red hair?

Sure it probably helps thinking positive to overcome your problems. But let’s get this straight–people with red hair know darkness down to its very depths. Wearing black looks best with red hair- I wonder why? Living with red hair is not just something to endure, it makes you stronger and gives attitude. Many teen gingers have suicidal thoughts and not just because we get abused for being a carrottop but because we are just naturally sensitive and fiery. Yeah, it would be cool to just ride the goodship lollipop, but being a redhead is about learning to find that balance between the lows and highs. Redheads suffer for mankind and some find answers for the evils that bind us. We also stand up and speak those words that no one else will dare to say especially when it’s not popular or correct because we do not have to worry about fitting in – we already got the boot.  It’s like a blending of being a shaman and warrior. So I would argue that having red hair is more of a challenge than a blessing. It’s a quest!