Ginger Prince Harry Marries Dark Exotic Beauty Meghan

Prince HarryRedheads like to stir the pot!

Just like a redhead to be attracted to the dark and exotic, Prince Harry is getting royally hitched to the dark-haired beauty Meghan Markle this weekend which coincides with Redhead Day in London. It’s the same day that Ann Boleyn lost her head to King Henry VIII- Harry’s real name is Henry. Prince Harry is being treated like a redheaded stepchild by the paparazzi with all negative publicity his wedding is receiving. His brother received the Royal treatment when he was married. Typical gingerism. Most of the media coverage has been about her mixed race, but let us not forget about him being a redhead and the differences that a redhead brings.




Horoscope Blues

According to Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology, Prince Harry should have consulted an astrologer before his marriage. His Chinese sign is a Wood Rat, born in 1984 and her’s is Metal Rooster, born in 1981- yes that’s right, she is 3 years older. One source said that the Rooster’s criticisms are too much for the Rat’s sensitivities. It gave the relation a possible C- on a grading scale. Not too good. His mom, Princess Diana, was born in the year of the Ox and is a Rat’s soulmate. Diana said she particularly looked after Harry. I thought maybe because he has red hair. On Western Astrology, he is a Virgo and she is a Leo. The relationship could survive once they understand their differences. One source stated a 5% chance of survival. Based on Prince Harry’s nervous behavior during the ceremony, I wish them good luck.