Montana Redhead Party


Hey all of ya redheads in Montana- let’s have a party! With a large number of Irish immigrants to Montana, there must be a lot redheads in the area. Redheads are gathering all around the world(read more).We can make it happen. Pass the word!

Celtic-Fest-Top-BadgeNew There is a Celtic Festival in Missoula on July 28th, 2018. We could crash that party!

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Missoula: Redhead Capitol of the US

missoula evening

After seeing so many redheads here in Missoula, I knew I had moved to the right place. I am not sure what draws people with red hair to this beautiful valley in the mountains but here we are anyways. There have been a large Irish immigration to the area including the nearby city of Butte which boasts to have had the greatest number of immigrants from Ireland to the USA during the copper mine days. In addition, I quite often meet gingers that have moved here from my home state of Minnesota, where based on my ancestry, can be Irish,  German or Scandinavian-like Red-haired Vikings. My goal is to organize a redhead festival of Western Montana. Thanks for your help!

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