Bloody Mary: the cure for hangovers


If you had a little too much fun last night drinking alcohol and you are suffering from a hangover, you might need the “hair of the dog” to relieve that headache. Look no further than the Bloody Mary cocktail. Named after Queen Mary I who lost her head, this hangover cure has tomato juice to calm the stomach, salt to nourish electrolytes, Worcestershire to improve your mood and vodka to take that headache away. Add celery, and it becomes a nutritional breakfast!

Blackbeard: Feisty Redhead Fights Pirates

jessica chastain blackbeard

All you fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, there be treasure here! I just discovered a great new movie, “Blackbeard” staring Angus Macfayden. Incidentally, it also stars a redhead, Jessica Chastain, who plays a feisty, independent young lady who practices medicine and wields a pistol in days when such behavior by a lady was unacceptable. The story is well-written, historically accurate, with great acting and a rousing soundtrack. With all the elements of a classic pirate yarn, including cannon fights, kidnapping, cutlass battles, marooning, deserted islands, garrulous parrots, buried treasure, drunken brawls, encrypted maps, betrayal and true love, it is well worth a watch. Check it out!

Marilyn Monroe: A Red-haired Orphan

marilyn monroe 2

Maybe it’s not well-known, but Marilyn Monroe was a redhead. Yes she dyed her hair blonde. Marilyn Monroe was originally known as Norma Jeane. When Norma was a child, her mother Gladys gave her to a family to be raised- practically an orphan.  Gladys had red hair as well and suffered from depression and other mental disorders. When she visited, Norma did not know her as her mother, but the ‘woman with red hair.’ Norma’s foster family was strictly religious, forbidding her to drink alcohol or use profanity and forced her to attend church often. They scolded her by saying she was going to hell.

Personally I can relate to the preaching as my grandfather was very similar and I have been prayed over throughout my life in order to save me from hell. Looking at her being an orphan, I wonder how many other redheads have been orphaned. Marilyn Monroe did not have a good start in her troubled career which ended in a mysterious death. However, she was still a Hollywood legend who made an indelible mark on American history.

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The ’70’s Redhead Stereotype

neumanHow could we be proud of being a redhead back in ’70’s with the terrible caricature of red hair illustrated by Mad’s Alfred E Neuman? With his ruddy complexion, ears that stuck out, crooked teeth and stupid grin, he was the quintessential dork!







On the female side of things, who could forget Pippi Longstocking? With ridiculous braids and toothy grin, she had the habit of doing everything unconventionally.

How were redheads supposed to get any respect in such company?

We Wants the Redhead

“Ye come seekin’ adventure and salty old pirates, eh? Sure, you come to the proper place. But keep a weather eye open, mates, and hold on tight—with both hands, if you please. There be squalls ahead! And Davy Jones waiting for them what don’t obey. And mark well me words, mateys: Dead men tell no tales!”

Disney is saying farewell to the red-haired wench for sale on the Pirates of the Caribbean amusement ride. She will return when the ride re-opens dressed as a gun-toting pirate.

Disney Red Haired Wench

save the redheadHowever, some ‘pirate fans’ are imploring to “Save the Redhead.” You can support this cause with a purchase of a t-shirt as well.






We Wants the Redhead?

News Update: Disney has re-opened the ride at Disney World and the redhead is now the auctioneer. The phrase formerly spoken by the pirates, “We wants the redhead” has been changed to “We wants the rum.”