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Wishing everyone well at this time, especially redheads!

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baby Santa Claus
Santa Claus: A Redheaded Orphan-Why Not?

This site is dedicated to helping you realize the importance of your red-haired roots.

This is the age when redheads are standing up for themselves and being appreciated for their differences.

If you have ever felt different having red-hair, we are going on a quest to discover why.

redhead days
Redhead Days
marilyn monroe 2
Marilyn Monroe

Redheads are passionate people! This can leave a redhead wondering why everyone else is so blah. Just look at the life of Marilyn Monroe – yes she was a redhead. One reason for our differences is that science has proven that redheads are genetically unique from all other hair colors. For example, redheads can produce adrenaline faster than other colors which only means more FIRE! Speaking of that, redheads burn more easily from the sun. However, we produce more Vitamin D than non-reds. Redheads fear the dentist because we are more sensitive to pain.

Red-haired Scythians

With all of our differences, questions arise about our origins and place in history. Many people think that all redheads are Irish, but in fact they can be found throughout the world in such unexpected places as Egypt having Pharaohs with red hair such as Ramses II, China with recent finds of red-haired mummies from 5000 years ago and Russia with their much feared red-haired nomadic horse-riding Scythians and even red-haired hobbits and giants in New Zealand.

4,000 Year-old Redhead “Beauty of Loulan” Mummy found in China
Egyptian queen red hair
Daughter of King Khufu

Many red-haired gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines appear in the myths and legends of the Celts and Vikings, including Freyja and Thor, King Nuada and  Queen Boudica.

Nuada of the Silver Arm by Jim Fitzpatrick
King Nuada by Jim Fitzpatrick

Even though redheads face hardship, our resiliency has shown through. Though we make up only 2% of the world’s population,  quite often redheads have been leaders and shapers in the history of the world such as Queen Elizabeth and Erik the Red.

Queen Elizabeth-note the eyes and snakes!

Jesus and Mary Magdalene have often been depicted with red hair.


Redheads are naturally inclined to have magical powers given their unique differences. In our red-haired ancestors, the sensitivities of being redheaded manifested themselves through extra-sensory perceptions and intuitions. The Vikings, Celts, and Druids all had shamans, sorcerers and magicians. These abilities have been passed down genetically and can be found in many redheads today.

thor with red hair

As redheads are gathering around the world, there should be a vision of awareness of our advanced potential given our unique differences. Such as with all the talk about going to Mars, redheads may have a connection to the red planet.


Let the quest begin!

Sincerely, your red-haired Viking, Jesse

Jesse in the park

Mission Statement

I created this website because I have realized being a redhead has caused me to live my life outside the norm. This can be from a combination of reasons, such as genetics, and how other people have treated me and not feeling like I fit in. This has affected where I live, what I do, and my work. I also dealt with various health disorders such as allergies and depression early in life and chronic pain later on. Traditional medicine has never served me well so I sought out other alternative forms of medicine which have helped greatly. Researching into red-haired ancestry, I was intrigued by the possible archetypes redheads have been in the past. It is so amazing to discover that there were redheads living in the middle of China. I have come to realize I have a lot in common with those ancestors. My personal goal is to help educate other redheads so that my experience is not lost because I have greatly paid for it. Contact me at redhairedroots@gmail.com.

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